Hickory Smoke Resin Serving Dish

 "Hickory smokeÑthat&

Hickory Smoke Resin Serving Dish

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Resin serving dish featuring an illustration by New Yorker cartoonist Leo Cullum.

Made in the USA break-resistant 10" x 14" serving dish made from a revolutionary resin material, (similar to plastic).

Plate are:
- Microwave safe
- Safe for use in Convection or Conventional ovens
- Dishwasher-safe (any rack)
- Contains NO Melamine or formaldehyde
- BPA free
- FDA safe for food contact
- 10" x 14" x 7/8" deep x 3.0mm thick
- 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. using U.S.A. components

"Hickory smokeÑthat's what gives it that hearty Western flavor." (One cowboy to another, as they sit in the open wilderness roasting a small bird over a campfire.)
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