Plate and the Spoon Resin Serving Dish

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Plate and the Spoon Resin Serving Dish

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Resin serving dish featuring an illustration by New Yorker cartoonist Mike Twohy.

Made in the USA break-resistant 10" plate made from a revolutionary resin material, (similar to plastic).

Plates are:
-Microwave safe
- Safe for use in Convection or Conventional ovens
- Dishwasher-safe (any rack)
- Contains NO Melamine or formaldehyde
- BPA- free
- FDA safe for food contact
- 10" diameter x 7/8" deep x 3.0mm thick
- 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. using U.S.A. components

"When 'Hey Diddle Diddle' came along, we jumped at the chance to work together." (Plate and spoon talking to host on owl's talk show.)
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